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travail de collectage


As part of participatory projects led by local authorities, associations…


You need the memory of many moments

to make a concrete memory”
Gaston Bachelard










Audience :
All audiences : at each age their word, their experience, their point of view.

We like to collect testimonies , follow the tracks of memory to contribute to participatory projects .

Travel the roads, markets, neighborhoods, schools, media libraries, EHPADs, associations, cafes.... and ask questions and then be silent, to let the floor come.

And then elaborate the contents so that they are not forgotten,  to leave traces.
We also like, at the end of the residence on a territory, to leave a souvenir as a thank you. Render a final shape . The puzzle of all the testimonies, the encounters, assembled by our personal and subjective sensibility.

We cannot know its form in advance : an exhibition, a theatrical form, a publication... it will reflect the path taken to get there and it will be nourished by anecdotes, stories, collected memories. This is always created in complicity with the project leaders and the participants. It is above all a meeting .


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