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jardins d'histoires

garden of stories



To share with family
from four years old
duration : 45 minutes
by and with Amalia Modica











It is said that inside each of us there is a garden, a secret garden.

As many humans as there are in the world, there are secret gardens.
There are some with beautiful freshly mowed lawns, sculptures, fountains and beds of orchids.
Others are a little wilder, with wild grass, flowers everywhere, bees, butterflies and lots of birdsong...
Some are as big as a forest and others as small as a handkerchief.
Each garden evolves and changes at all times... like its gardener.

It is said that each of us, in his secret garden, can sow his little seeds of happiness, reap the fruits of his efforts, shelter his sorrows and take care of them.

And stories have traveled since the dawn of time, from mouth to mouth, from ear to ear, from secret garden to secret garden.

...stories of mutual aid and friendship hidden behind a leaf, at the bottom of a pond or in the middle of the clearing, in our beautiful garden.


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