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With children and adults, with an intergenerational audience.
In school or extracurricular environment.











More than training, support
  Everyone is unique, precious, extraordinary in their history, their body, their age, their sensitivity.
Each brings a rare ingredient, without which the taste of the collective result would not be the same.
As trainers we have techniques to transmit and share, but each student we met knew how to surprise us, question us, teach us something.
The learning process seems to us a path to follow together, a dialogue in which the notions of amusement, pleasure and reciprocal listening are essential.
The participants will each time be accompanied to become aware of their own specificity before learning a technique .
The idea is above all not to standardize through education, but to raise awareness of the pre-existing richness and nourish it, push it further.

Interdisciplinary bridges are possible
Because this is our way of working, our creative engine, what really amuses us, mixing techniques to find a meeting point between theater and visual arts :
object theatre , staggered visits to exhibitions , the construction of the set for shows, the creation of cabinets of curiosities to accompany a story, the relationship between movement and matter , between theatrical and video games ...


Convinced that theatrical work is more about meeting than performance, we want to explore all the tools that can facilitate this meeting between performers and the public.

We offer regular workshops and internships for :
learn about theatrical acting (presence, movement, voice, acting, listening, etc.)
develop imagination, concentration and have fun
participate in a collective adventure .

For twenty years, Amalia has been leading workshops for the general public , in which she always enjoys experimenting with the participants the notions of presence and non-verbal language, improvisation and body-voice work, digging into the text and the subtexts so that everyone can find the most direct way to express themselves .

She works regularly with young and adult audiences in schools , associations , training centers and healthcare settings .
Rich in her experience of ten years within the Clowns of Hope in the pediatric services of the CHR of Lille, she gives training "storytelling intervention and object theater in the care environment" with various associations and nursing staff.

Amalia also offers thematic workshops and courses around object theater and storytelling .



It has been almost thirty years since Philippe graduated from the School of Fine Arts.
Very quickly he led workshops with children and adults in training with the desire to approach artistic expression such as DIY, to strip it of its patina to make it accessible, a tool of expression.


















His favorite techniques in the studio are collage, assembly and diversion of objects, photography, video...
His desire is that each participant can, over time, create his own palette, his own language, like the loudspeaker of his own thoughts, to better tell himself and invite our gazing eyes to extend their fields of action.


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