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Une  jacket  de  pajamas














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Small form of object theater

Show for all ages from 12 years old
Duration: 25 mins (3 sessions possible in the same half-day)
Based on “The Little Danube” by Jean-Pierre Cannet (Théâtrales Jeunesse editions 2007).
From and with: Amalia Modica
Complicit glances: Nicolas Madrecki and Jean-Christophe Viseux
Decor and accessories: Philippe Martini

Anna tells us about her childhood during the Second World War, "somewhere in the Carpathians", the trains passing and ironing and then a discovery: a striped pajama jacket and, with it, a promise of friendship. .
Sitting at her table, she uses objects from her everyday life to share her memories with us : her dishcloth becomes a landscape; his lamp, the sun; his handkerchief, a cloud, a sign that winter is approaching; two effervescent pastilles, his parents; his glass of water, the Danube...
Thus Anna can give her meaning to the story, order it according to her logic: from the greatness of friendship to the smallness of the cowardice of grown-ups.

“I saw Amalia Modica in A pajama jacket, a piece freely adapted from my text La petite Danube (ed. Théâtrales). All in apparent tenderness and naivety, she invents a theater of objects with striking figures. It seems that she invites us into her home, into the privacy of her home. It's a tremendous speed-up of life. It speaks to us of this part of ourselves, radiant with humanity or collaborating in the worst barbarism. Twenty-five minutes to explore the heart of the human soul, vertigo! »
Jean Pierre Cannet

A Pajama Jacket has already been offered several times in schools (middle and high schools in Hauts de France) and performed, among others, at the Festival Chalon dans la rue in Chalon sur Saône (71), at the Festival Les Fondus du macadam in Thonon- les-Bains (74), at the Night of the Puppet at the Jean Arp Theater in Clamart (92), at the M Festival in Lille, at the Festival des Turbulentes in Vieux-Condé, at the Festival Les Minuscules in Villeneuve d'Ascq (59) , at the Festival Pirouésie in Pirou (50), at the Fabuleux destin in Aubusson (23)...


une veste de pyjama
fiche technique une veste de pyjama
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